Practice Management Tools


Practice Health Assessment

Veterinary Growth Partners' Practice Health Assessment is a remarkable diagnostic tool that helps you evaluate your practice's business health in a comprehensive, systematic way as a means of starting down a Pathway to Success.

Here are the steps in the process:

  1. You consult by phone for 60 minutes with a Veterinary Growth Partners practice coach, during which you together complete the Practice Health Assessment.
  2. You meet with your leadership team to prioritize your goals for the quarter.
  3. Your coach schedules a follow-up phone consultation with you. Together you create a list of action items—ranked by level of importance—and your coach provides you with a list of resources to help with implementation.
  4. Your practice coach checks in with you on a quarterly basis to review your progress and support you while you implement your plan and work toward your goals. Together, you review the remainder of your goals for the year and assign the next quarter's tasks. If the changes you've implemented aren't working as expected, we problem-solve with you.

And away you go, down your own Pathway to Success.