Virtual Team Approach to Healthy Conflict

Virtual Team Approach to Healthy Conflict

On Zoom August 21st-22nd 2024

VGP's Virtual Team Approach to Healthy Conflict

Wednesday, August 21st- Thursday, August 22nd

Ready to learn more about conflict? This 2-day10-hour RACE-approved program is now available to you virtually!

Conflict is an inevitable part of work and life. We deal with it constantly, but often in unproductive ways, typically focused on avoidance. Now, imagine a world where you engaged in conflict constructively and didn't fear it. Imagine having that difficult conversation you've been putting off for far too long. Imagine where your practice could be if the conflict was actively managed.

Now is the time to learn how to move from conflict to collaboration. In this 2-day virtual workshop, we'll approach conflict from your perspective. Through an individual assessment, we'll determine what are your personal hot buttons, and your typical constructive and destructive responses to conflict. That's right, we begin to discover your role and relationship with conflict. Learning more about yourself will allow you to make new choices as situations arise leading to a more positive outcome.

Our Speakers

Shawn McVey

Rachel Teichberg

Program Details

This 10-hour RACE-approved program is now available to you virtually! Shawn McVey, Chief Culture Officer of VGP, will guide you through your personal Conflict Dynamics Profile, allowing you to learn more about your natural tendencies towards conflict. This workshop will include live speakers, personal coaching, and resources to encourage reflection, collaboration, and goal setting.

We know how much VGP members like yourself enjoy the personal coaching experience we incorporate into each live workshop, which is why we’ve also included it in our virtual session! Even though we’re far apart, we will still work together in small groups with an expert Coach to guide you through your learning journey.

Highlights of what you’ll learn include:

  • How to interpret your personal Conflict Dynamics Profile
  • Understanding the difference between constructive and destructive responses to conflict
  • Understanding hot buttons and your personal triggers
  • How you perceive the way you typically respond to conflict
  • Developmental suggestions to improve your reaction to conflict
  • Which personal responses to conflict could pose a threat to your relationships, position or practice
  • How to engage in a conflict conversation

Course Expectations

Since this course is being taught virtually, there are new expectations that need to be met in order to receive your CE. Attendance for both full days is required as well as participation with your breakout groups. You will need to have access to Zoom on a personal computer as each member of a practice team will be separated into different breakout groups.


This is an exclusive event for Veterinary Growth Partners members. Registration is entirely complimentary for VGP Elite members! You can register up to 5 key people from your organization such as the partner-owners, administrator, lead receptionist, and lead technician. Please register each member of your team individually with their personal email address.

We have a very limited number of seats available, so be sure to register early. Click the green "Register" button on this page and enter your contact information. It's that simple! If you have questions before registration, please feel free to email us.

While registration for this event is complimentary for VGP Elite members, we do have a limited number of seats. Therefore, we will charge a cancellation fee for a cancellation received less than 14 days prior to the course. If cancellation or substitution is necessary, please contact us immediately.

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Make conflict a positive in your practice, team and leaders!

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