ABC Inventory Analysis

Inventory Analysis

Every 1% saved could mean thousands of dollars for your practice

Do you struggle with high inventory costs? Is inventory management taking too much time and money?
We have the solution for you! VGP is offering a complete ABC inventory analysis that is complimentary for Elite members* and $495 for Standard VGP Members.

Click below to begin the process and a VGP Practice Coach will contact you within 48 hours.

* Must maintain Elite membership for 1 year after analysis is completed

"Just wanted to tell you the great news. I ran a monthly report for January, and after implementing your recommendations, we’ve dropped our COGS down to 21.5%! It was 38% for 2018. Amazing. Thank you guys SO much, you’ve changed our lives for the better and made a substantial impact on our business."

- Dr. Roy Madigan, The Animal Hospital of Smithson Valley

  • An ABC Inventory Analysis is based on the 80/20 rule:
    • that 80% of your inventory revenue should be generated by the top 20% of your inventory.  
  • The ABC inventory analysis will allow you to identify your A products (top 20%), B products (middle 30%) and C products (bottom 50%).
  • By running an Inventory Analysis, we can help you identify opportunities to decrease expenses increase revenue, and increase profit. The report can help you identify redundant items or those that have low turnover rates, costing your practice money. Create specific reorder points and recommendations, as well as an analysis just for food! 
  • Based on your practice's data, your Practice Coach will help you determine ideal reorder points using the ABC analysis.   Your Coach will review ways to make the most of your inventory by ensuring that your inventory is generating appropriate revenue by reviewing sales, markups, and margins.  Based on your report, your Coach will create recommendations on how to improve your inventory (identifying coding errors, decrease COGS %, increase revenue, rectify ordering issues, implement cycle counting, taking advantage of online pharmacies, etc.).